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i've been searching for a proper school to learn and to get a license for hang gliding.
i've found a couple already, but, for example for one school in Italy, the owner told me that it is only available to Italian citizens (which i am not, i am Russian).
i've found one in the Netherlands (where i currently live), but it is split into several parts, as the Netherlands is the flattest surface on earth.
so, i would really appretiate any recommendation for a good school somewhere close to mountains in Europe.
preferably, so that i could go through 2-3-? weeks non stop training and get a license afterwards, so that i can fly independently.


A word to the wise:

One caution, if you learn by towing: If you are switching to mountain launching after having learned to fly in a towing school get local pilot's advice and help before mountain launching, especially if the launch is shallow slope.

Many new "tow trained" pilots have been observed launching or attempting to launch at too high of an angle of attack, when beginning mountain launches, because they have been tow launching that way. This can be dangerous in a non-tow launch.

Getting off that mountain - speed is your friend.

Frank C
Check out Jürgen Drewes in Millau, France.
I did my basic training with him 25 years ago and from the many teachers I encountered since I still value him as the best.
Very experienced as a pilot and as a teacher.
Jürgen is german and he runs a german licenced school, although he is based in the most beautifull area of south of france.
Besides the hanggliding school he and his wife Ruth offer this wonderfull accomodation in an old farmhouse, next to an old castle... you get it :-)
Best wishes, Jörg
Jürgen in Millau is not recommendable, because he gives only indroductory courses on the bunny hill.
From the Netherlands it is best to look to "Ostenrijk".
Flying instructors there offer good education in reasonable time.
Still with the given weather risks it would be wiser to not calculate 3 weeks, but to calculate one year,
in between You will spend several 2 week holiday intervals with Your flight instructor until You reach the level to stand through the exam.
The first Austrian licence relates to IPPI 3, the complete license to IPPI 4. The second is recognized in Germany, and Switzerland for flying free.

Check for example:
https://www.austriafly.at/drachen/ Or

In Germany the most recommendable is

If You do not exclude towing, and want to drive short distances,
check Altes Lager, Berlin or
Hinterweiler http://www.dfc-vulkaneifel.de/schulung.html

It´s Yours to choose, have fun,
Dutch Hang Gliding school High5.name is owned by one of the best and most experienced instructors (Frans Icke) in the Netherlands.
He can usually fit in starters for 2 to 3 weeks in a row during the summer where he goes to Austria/Italy with the school. (His agenda is not online yet, so you can call or email him)

But do keep in mind: To become an independent pilot you might need more time, since you need an average of 40 to 50 flights from the mountain / by tow under school guidance, to get the practical part of your IPPI licence (if the instructor thinks your flight performance is good).
Then you also need to pass your theoretical exams.

Wish you lots of flying fun and extra patience due to safety concerns!

If you wanna keep it nice and practical, I recommend also going with Frans Icke. He's a very nice guy, located in Amsterdam and can give you the best guidance to get your Dutch flying license. It takes time, so be patient. Don't expect to become a competition pilot on your first season.

If you are more flexible with travel and time, I would then recommend going to Joel Mirón from Zenith Aventura in Àger, one of the best places to learn to fly in Europe. There is a training hill and there is the official takeoff. You'll learn to fly real quick. Best if you speak Spanish but Joel's English is also pretty good.

Also, maybe a little bit too short notice but there's going to be a free flight convention this Sunday 27th January 2019 close to Leiden http://vliegsportbeurs.nl/
Send me a PM and we can meet up and talk about your options.
I'm American but I live in Germany. The best you can do is either Zodn, go to zodn-air.com (I'm the one getting hang checked by Lukas on the home page) or with Lukas Bader at flyranch in Berlin, flyranch.de . I've been hooked up with these guys for the past 4 years, the best. I got my German A & B license with Zodn in 2015. We do flying safaris with the flyranch into Austria, Italy, Marraco, Norway, Slovenia, ect.... End of April in Meduno, Italy. You should give Zodn a call. Both Lukas and Zodn speak real good English.
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