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Hello, everyone. I have a situation:

Situation: I'll be in-between jobs from the 27-Aug-2018 until 21-Oct-2018 (about 8 weeks).
Wish: fly as much as I can during that period.
Problem: expired driver license :cry: I already got in touch with the respective entity to renew the license, however, this is not going to happen until late October, right when my holidays end.
Desire: I want to be agile. If the weather is not working somewhere, I want to go where the weather is good. Is there anybody out there planning a trip around the same time that I can tag along with? I'm happy to split costs (gas/tolls/parking). Maybe you have any other idea that can keep me agile? I would like to hear it!
Good to know: I have a Finsterwalder-Charly Perfex (a wing that packs down to 2m), so I guess going on train from time to time should be doable but obviously this may not be a sustainable way to get around.

Should I go to Austria where there are cable cars that can take me straight to takeoff? is there any other country like that? what if the weather turns crap? what can my alternatives be?

Please, European hang gliding community, give me some hope. I'm freaking out!!!

Thank you so much and maybe see you around

One option is to join guys like my former instructor, he does week-trips to many flying places, I think in your timeframe they are going to italy (Casteluccio, Levico and Meduno). Then you'd have your transo^portation problem solved, but then there are other costs, don't know if it's an option for you:

Luftarena (other instructor here in switzerland, good guy) goes to millau in your time frame:

Similarly, there might be other schools from austria etc. who travel like this. Another option is to go to the main spots (Greifenburg, Cucco, etc.) and look there for rides?

I'd join, but unfortunately this year is not an option for me...

Thanks for your reply, Jorge.

In the end I ended up staying the whole time in Àger. Had a great time. 25+ hours in the air, stepped up to a double surface glider, flew cross country, came in 3rd on the sport class in the Open Àger, broke personal records and no bones and all in all had a blast :)

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